It should be noted that any works done in this way are practically indestructible. They are washable and easy to maintain. Gildings, wall paintings and polished painted marble are all durable. The interior finishes remain intact for years and even become more attractive with the passage of time, as they get the fine natural ‘sfumato’ patina.

The photographs show the interior space of diplomatic villas and villas of renowned connoisseurs.

The essential materials and preparations include:

  • natural wax
  • tallow
  • shellac (bleached, leafy and ruby)
  • animal glue (in granules, put into water to swell and then boiled, rabbit skin glue, isinglass, bone glue)
  • ethanol (i.e. 96% alcohol)
  • turpentine
  • damar resin in granules
  • mastic resin in granules
  • oils (linseed, walnut, castor oil)
  • pigment powders of all colours
  • chicken eggs
  • lime and limewater
  • bitumen
  • genuine gold leaf (24k)
  • imitation gold leaf (schlag metal)
  • adhesives for gold (mixtion, water, alcohol or oil glues)
  • Armenian bole (a base for polished gold)
  • agate (semi-precious stone used for polishing)
  • cushions for gold leaf cutting
  • scratch awls for wormhole patina effect of furniture